Surrounded by Tarneit, Werribee, Mambourin and Quandong, Wyndham Vale sits right in the middle of the Wyndham City Local Government zone. A newer suburb, Wyndham Vale has attracted many residents wanting a fresh start in an affordable area without compromising on amenity or services.

31km to the south-west of Melbourne CBD, many residents choose to commute to work utilising the very modern Wyndham Vale Train Station. The regular services mean city traffic jams are a thing of the past.

One of the lesser known treasures of Wyndham Vale is the beautifully named Lollipop Creek. Home to many species of birds and other wildlife, this scenic waterway captivates all who walk along her banks.

Quick Facts:

  1. Population – 23,273 (2016 Census)
  2. Projected to be one of the largest urban developments in the state.
  3. Some of the original Mad Max scenes were filmed here. Who knew?
  4. Home to best creek name ever – Lollipop Creek!

Wyndham Vale / Manor Lakes / Mambourin Map Area

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Instagram: @gpreet_911

Instagram: @gpreet_911

Residential and Demographics

A quick look at Wyndham Vale from the air reveals the growth potential for this suburb. There are still vast areas of farmland yet to be urbanised to the north and west. Given the lovely amenity of the existing neighbourhoods, it’s just a matter of time before further growth occurs.

The median price of a house is $465,000 with annual capital growth tipping 6.63%. Weekly median rent is $360.

For units, the median price is $362,500 and annual capital growth of 5.29%. Weekly median unit rent is $340.

Over the last 12 months, the suburb recorded a 17% increase in housing prices. Some speculate this was due to higher demand and reduced supply as properties are selling very quickly.

Median household weekly income is $1,356 and the median monthly housing loan repayment is $1,700.

Wyndham Vale has a very evenly distributed population by age with all segments being between 10% and 25% of the total. By far the largest relationship status represented is married with children. This category makes up around 50% of the total population of the suburb.


Being a newer suburb, there are fewer schools than in surrounding areas however, this is likely to change as more residents make the move. Currently, there are 4 primary schools and 2 high school options.

Over recent years, the Victorian State Government has invested heavily in the local education sector with massive improvements made to Wyndham Central College and the Manor Lakes College. These are now regarded as schools of the future because of their modern layout and educational facilities.


The Wyndham Vale Reserve is a lovely tract of land bordering Lollipop Creek. Also home to the Wyndham Vale Cricket Club, it provides many acres of land for picnics and strolling along the creek’s banks.

Across Black Forest Road, the Wyndham Vale Football Club has laid claim to two ovals so if you want to torpedo the Sherrin through the big sticks, this is the place to sharpen your aim.

Additionally, the reserve it is home to Iramoo Community Centre. This facility is dedicated to offering courses, events and services for local residents that build diverse social, recreational and educational community opportunities. Run by volunteers, it’s a special place to connect and learn.

Much larger than Wyndham Vale Reserve and bordering the Werribee River, President’s Park is home to softball and baseball clubs and a dog obedience training facility. With large undercover meeting rooms, it provides many functions for its local community.

If your children are a little younger, put on some sunscreen and take them to Harpley Estate Playground. Swings, roundabouts and slides will keep them entertained while you stroll around the boomerang-shaped pond.

Shopping. Cafes. Cuisine.

All the major supermarket chains are located in Wyndham Vale and, as usual, this gives significant confidence to investors and residents alike. These large companies are solid indicators of future growth as they conduct their due diligence on new territories to a very in-depth degree.

At the moment, they are not yet surrounded by the hordes of major brand retailers however these companies are never far behind. Once they move in, the next to follow are the restaurants and cafes to feed and quench all those shoppers.

Not long now!


Wyndham Vale Train Station is one of the newest in the state. Built to cater for the expected growth in population of the neighbouring suburbs, this station has parking for 1,000 cars and room to expand. Currently, it is the preferred option for several thousand students and workers who regularly commute to Melbourne.

There are several bus routes operating in the suburb coming and going through the major shopping precincts, schools and the train station.

Major thoroughfares include Greens Road, Bolton Road, Armstrong Road and Ballan Road. These are free-flowing arterials that easily cope with the demands of local drivers.

All in All…

Wyndham Vale is a shining light on the horizon. With so much growth yet to come, it is destined to become a highly sought after residential location and all the additional services and opportunities will follow making life there very convenient and enjoyable.

It’s just a matter of a few short years before the major specialty retailers appear to tempt you with their bargains and all the other businesses begin to open up making it a vibrant location for family life.

If you’re thinking of investing and enjoying a capital growth advantage, consider your options in Wyndham Vale. It will soon be the new big deal in Victorian residential addresses.