In 1999, Caroline Springs was created in conjunction with Delfin and the original landowners. At the time, it was one of Melbourne’s fastest growing suburbs and has blossomed into a mini city since those humble beginnings. Located just 22 km west of the CBD it is now a vibrant community with all the assets, amenities and fresh air you could want.

The natural beauty is the key drawcard for this suburb. In particular Kororoit Creek, which runs through the centre, is home to some rare plants and animals and gently flowing water in it seems to mimic the pace of life here.

Quick Facts:

  1. An area of less than 5km2
  2. Population Density 31.74 persons per hectare.
  3. Named after Caroline Chisholm – a 19th century philanthropist.
  4. Awarded Australia Best Master Planned Community (2006)
  5. Located within the City of Melton.

Caroline Springs Map

Natalie Fisher

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Credit: Instagram @red_duck_gingerbread

Credit: Instagram @red_duck_gingerbread

Residential and Demographics

Caroline Springs has an architectural style for all tastes. Houses range from cute cottages to sprawling double storey homes. You’ll also find larger family homes, smaller townhouses and stylish apartments to add to the eclectic choice available.

The median house price is $606,000 with an annual capital growth of 5.54% whilst the median unit price is $464,750 – annual capital growth 3.59%.

The population sits around 24,200 with 77% of homes being owner occupied. Caroline Springs is predominantly family oriented – with the average household size of 3.2.

The average mortgage repayment is $2,000/month which makes this suburb an enticing option for those looking for a family friendly lifestyle.


With well thought out infrastructure in place, there are many choices for families that cover the government, private and religious sectors.

Reflecting the family dynamics, Prep to Yr 9 government colleges are spread throughout the suburb for convenient access. The choices for senior years of education are Lakeview Senior College, Southern Cross Grammar and the Australian International Academy of Education – Australia’s first Islamic school.

Being within close proximity to Melbourne CBD means residents have a choice of available universities such as La Trobe and University of Melbourne to further their studies.


Caroline Springs is built around several man-made lakes with lots of walking tracks, a leisure centre and a library that’s been described as a modern temple to literature. The library foyer doubles as a gallery so wander in to see what’s new.

In 2006, the Words for Water sculpture was added to the front of the library adding a new cultural dimension to the suburb.

The crowning jewel here is the Kororoit Creek which runs through the centre of the suburb. Alongside this runs the Kororoit Creek Trail – a popular path for cyclists and pedestrians. For approximately 10 km, residents can wander or cycle all the way to Deer Park, taking in all the pleasures that nature has to offer. Several species of frogs have reclaimed the area so listen out for the endangered Growling Grass Frog and his mates. He’s a mottled bright green and bronze colour and likes to bask in the sun during the day. Aah… the life of some!

For hockey enthusiasts, the Caroline Springs Hockey Club was founded in 2016 due to the large number of hockey lovers in the area. This gave the children of Caroline Springs and the Greater City of Melton a chance to experience an Olympic sport.  “The Springers” are taking the game to another level in both men’s and women’s leagues so listen out for the opening line of their club song…

“There’s a big, big sound, From the west of town, It’s the sound of the mighty Springers”

Shopping. Cafes. Cuisine.

Lake Street is where the 3 main shopping centres are located forming a vibrant community hub. All 3 major supermarkets are right there for handy shopping along with Target and many specialist retailers.

The central location of these shopping centres allows for everything to be found in the one place. For banking, postage, fitness, beauty therapy and that all-important coffee you need look no further.

With the picturesque lake so close, there are many options for dining while taking in the view. The 5 star Mercure and West Waters Hotel complexes offer a range of dining options from bistro to fine dining along with entertainment.

As with any evolving suburb stay tuned for the new (in-development) Springlake Shopping Centre which will blend major retailers with alfresco waterfront restaurants.


Until 2016, and the opening of the long-awaited train station, car was the main form of transport. Now residents of the suburb have access to 350 parking spots and a fast train service to Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station and Ballarat in the other direction.

As Caroline Springs is west of the junction of the Ring Road Connection and the Western Freeway, should you choose to drive to Melbourne, you will find there is now excellent access to the freeway making the trip more pleasurable.

An excellent local bus services is available for travel around the suburb and its neighbourhoods.

All in All…

Twenty years ago a series of lakes were hewn out of the volcanic soil to create Caroline Springs. Now the mini-city offers residents affordable living that combines the best of nature and culture.

And if you’re into big things Caroline Springs is home to one!  Yep, On Tap, a giant tap sculpture sits on the banks of Lake Caroline and reflects the contemporary nature of this well-designed urban development.

Community, family and lifestyle are the key factors that make Caroline Springs a genuinely liveable place. Not to mention the tree-lined streets that give it a lovely feel.