Geographically, Seabrook is surrounded on three sides by Point Cook with Altona Meadows making up the north-east boundary. 19km from the Melbourne CBD, this suburb is in the thick of the western growth region and its popularity as a liveable suburb is on the rise.

A landlocked neighbourhood, it probably took its name from Seabrook Boulevard which circles its way around the eastern segment of the suburb following the line of Skeleton Creek. It is located within the City of Hobsons Bay local government area and its primary school repeatedly ranks among the top in the state of Victoria.

With most people not even knowing it exists, it makes for a delightful and quiet area to call home.

Quick Facts:

  1. Total population is 5,124 (2016 census)
  2. Seabrook Primary School regularly appears in the state’s most highly rated schools.
  3. Skeleton Creek flows into Cheetham Wetlands which is a significant site for migratory birds.
  4. The Seabrook Community Centre has a strong sustainability focus and runs programs to enlighten the locals on this subject.
  5. Willowgreen Way Reserve has two tennis courts in a lovely, quiet environment.

Natalie Fisher

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Residential and Demographics

31% of Seabrook residents fully own their homes, 49% are in the process of buying theirs leaving 20% being rented. Of the 1,721 dwellings in the suburb, 89% are standalone houses, 5% are semi-detached and 7% are units or other.

The median weekly household income is around $1,445 for most of those of working age and their occupations are predominantly in clerical, professional, trades or managerial roles. The median housing loan repayment is $1,733. 45% are full-time employees, 29% are not in the labour market and 19% are part-timers. The median price for a house is $680,000 with units sitting at $436,000.

54% of residents are registered as married, 8.4% are in a de facto relationship and 37.6% are unmarried. Their ages are evenly spread with the largest group being 35-45 at 19%.

The vast majority identify as Australian (68%) and other nationalities include Indian, Chinese, New Zealanders, English and The Philippines.


Seabrook has only one school but its reputation for excellence is exceptional. Seabrook Primary School’s mission is to provide the highest quality of educational service to the community and this is built on delivering the best quality teaching in a warm learning environment. Seabrook Primary is registered to offer the International Baccalaureate and the quality of its

teaching staff supports this endeavour. They pride themselves on offering a challenging learning environment that teaches children to be critical and compassionate thinkers devoted to lifelong learning.

As a government school, it is widely accepted that families move into the neighbourhood so their children are in the Seabrook Primary catchment zone.

Other primary and high schools are abundant in nearby neighbourhoods and are accessible by bus or on foot.


Seabrook is bounded by Skeleton Creek to the north and is blessed with walking trails along this waterway. Additionally, several other walking trails meander through the suburb making is a pleasant place to amble. Most notable amongst them is The Pipeline Walking Trail linking Willowgreen Park to Seabrook Primary School and the Skeleton Creek Trail.

Tennis? Head over to the Seabrook Community Centre. Courts are available so you and your rival can determine whose forehand, slice and chip shot wins the day. The centre was built in 2000 at a cost of $1million and is now run by the local council. It runs in conjunction with its co-tenant, the Seabrook Kindergarten.

Shopping. Cafes. Cuisine.

Let’s be honest, Seabrook is not known for its shopping, cafes and restaurants. But that’s okay because it’s only a stone’s throw to places that are!

Williamstown, Altona, Point Cook, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee and Werribee South are each less than a 20 minute drive away and offer all the eateries and shopping experiences you could ask for. The benefit to Seabrook locals is that only locals come and go from the suburb meaning… no tourists!

That said, be sure to try out the local kebabs and curries at the Seabrook Shopping Centre located at the northern end of Point Cook Road.


The main road through Seabrook is Point Cook Road which effectively cuts the suburb in half. On either side of this thoroughfare is a grid-like formation of quiet suburban streets allowing easy residential access.

Point Cook Road is also the Princes Freeway access point making the Melbourne CBD and all the destinations to the south-west an easy daytrip away.

Three bus routes traverse the suburb ferrying commuters to Sanctuary Lakes, Laverton Station, Hoppers Crossing Station and Point Cook Shopping Centre as well as other local destinations.

All in All…

Being close to the Melbourne CBD, having a fantastic primary school and a wonderful village appeal, Seabrook has become a go-to destination for those wanting a safe, clean and green place to raise a family. What it lacks in cafes is more than made up for by other parkland amenities, the convenience of Point Cook Shopping Centre and a friendly atmosphere.

With bay beaches on your doorstep, multiple shopping options within a short drive and no crowds to speak of, this suburb is one of the radiant jewels in the west’s crown.

Drop in for a look around if you’re contemplating a move into the area. It’s a quiet enclave close to all the major services you’d expect with a special atmosphere all its own.