As the name implies, Seaholme is blessed with magnificent watery assets that make its residents perpetually feel like they are on holidays. From the splendour of the bay frontage to the sleepy little Cherry Creek which extends up to Cherry Lake, Seaholme is a paradise for aquatic life and those who thrive living close to it.

Ask any local and they’ll probably admit to having a clandestine love affair with their suburb. For those working in the Melbourne central area, the beautifully maintained Bay Trail West offers a commute for cyclists that’s second to none. It takes them through the Altona Coastal Park and Jawbone Conservation Reserve providing a wonderful opportunity to clear their heads before and after their hectic days.

Quick Facts:

  1. Population – 1,928
  2. Area – 0.9km2 (Yep… it’s tiny!)
  3. Location – 13km south-west of Melbourne CBD
  4. Population Density – 2,140/km2
  5. Locals help the endangered Altona Skipper Butterfly by planting the flora it depends on to survive.

Seaholme Map

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SeaholmeResidential and Demographics

51.4% of Seaholme’s 1,928 residents are female and there are 541 families in the suburb. Of the families with children, the average number of children is 1.7. The median age of all residents is 44 and the average number of people/household equals 2.5.

The median weekly household income is $1,762 while the median monthly mortgage repayment is $2,000. Median weekly rent is $351. 31% of residents have a mortgage and 20% are rented. 46% are owned outright.

83% of the dwellings are separate houses 14.4% are semi-detached, terrace or townhouses. 59% have 3 bedrooms.

Couples with children (46.1%) are slightly more common in Seaholme than those without (41.8%) while one parent families make up 10.8%.

All statistics are from the 2016 census.


Being small, Seaholme has limited educational options. But don’t worry! If you have school-aged children, the local Seaholme Primary School provides excellent educational facilities and the neighbouring suburbs have plenty of other options.

Additionally, Seaholme Kindergarten is wonderful at catering for the needs of the cutest members of the family.


The beautiful Cherry Lake Reserve offers a splendid opportunity to witness nature in the heart of the suburb. Thousands of wild ducks, geese and wading birds call it home making it a spectacle that’s always on the move as the pecking order is continually reinforced, food is sought and young are cared for.

Got a canine best friend? The dog beach is the perfect place to take him or her for a stretch. Fido will mingle with other doggies like it’s a pooch picnic and chase the breezes that blow in off the bay. For humanoids, it’s a relaxing amble that allows you to clear your head and prepare for the next accomplishment of your day.

Need more space? Seaholme also has the Bay Trail West and Jawbone Conservation Reserve, as mentioned above, and four other reserves for your enjoyment

Aquatically inclined? Then grab the jetski, weigh the Hobie Cat anchor or bait the hook and get angling. Seaholme loves the water and the water loves Seaholme. Facilities include the Seaholme Boat Owners Association and the Hobson’s Bay Sport and Game Fishing Club.

Whatever you do… get active! Seaholme is made for it. Which may make up for…

Shopping. Cafes. Cuisine.

Okay, let’s say it plainly… Seaholme is not endowed with a wide selection of shopping, dining or café culture options. So what does that mean? Simple, go for a bike ride or short car trip to Altona or Williamstown to satisfy your urge for decaffeinated soy lattes or double espressos with a dash of almond milk.

Additionally, all your shopping needs are catered for in those suburbs too. All the major chains and franchise outlets are represented as are a myriad of specialty retailers, quirky booksellers and trinket shops and novelty stores galore.

Williamstown especially has dozens of quality restaurants of all descriptions lining the foreshore and side streets to satisfy your culinary cravings. Simply pick a cuisine, program it into your search engine and a suitable establishment will pop up for your dining pleasure.

So what does the absence of these attractions mean for Seaholme residents?

Very few tourists. Yep, their suburb is their suburb to enjoy without crowds all year round. Bliss. This in one of the key elements that fuels their love affair.


Seaholme Train Station was completed in the 1920s and has become an icon of the village. Its classic wooden structure comes from an era still clinging onto the horse and cart and its size reflects the population at the time it was constructed. Of note, there are only about 10 carparks to service the station because, guess what? Car weren’t an issue back then.

As it’s a little off the beaten track, traffic at its worst is mild and there is one main access road to the suburb – Millers Road. Beyond that is a network of suburban streets which easily accommodate the locals

Buses regularly flow through Seaholme on their way to Williamstown and Altona.

Aside from the above, the Bay Trail West provides a scenic commute to and from Williamstown in the east and Sanctuary Lakes in the west. It’s an option for cyclists and walkers.

All in All…

Due to its size, Seaholme may not be for everyone. However, that’s just the way the locals like it. Nestled against Port Phillip Bay to the south and Cherry Lake to the north, this little enclave is a highly sought after address for those seeking their own little patch of heaven with access to loads of outdoor pursuits, a tranquil beach to amble along in the evening and plenty of essential services and shops available in the neighbouring suburbs.

Seeking an address that comes with idyllic serenity? Consider Seaholme.